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 Projekt: Wind speed & direction sensor with NMEA port A5012

Boat electronics  -  Yachtelektronik
We found an interesting Wind speed, wind direction and temperature masthead unit for marine applications.
Actually, one of our SeaTalk-Nmea-Bridge users recommended this unit. He's using it as a replacement for his broken original masthead unit.

This sensor has a NMEA-0183 port. It sends windspeed,direction,temperature in standard NMEA sentences.
Not only has it a very reasonable price, it also has some interesting technical features, that distinguish it from other wind sensors.

  •     Carbon Fiber Arm                  
  •     Sealed to IP67
  •     Magnetic sense of Direction
  •     Optical sense of Speed
  •     NMEA-0183

ERRWS  Error windspeed
 10-40 knots  3 5 %
ERRDIR  Error winddirection
 20 knots   3 4Degrees
tDSET Direction Settling TimeMinimum filtering   1.3Second
Speed Settling TimeMinimum filtering
VccSupply Voltage  8 1226
Volt DC
Icc Current consumption no NMEA loads
  20 mA
 Smax Maximum Windspeed

Wind direction detection by using a fluxgate sensor.

From the manufacturers manual :
The wind direction is sensed by the position of a small powerful permanent magnet fixed to the rotating vane.
The fin of the vane is blown by the wind so as be on the down-wind side.
The device contains a small fluxgate surrounded by high-precision interface circuits which allow a microprocessor to acquire a binary value from two orthogonal sensors of
the magnetic field from the vane magnet.
The magnet is strong so that the effect of the Earth’s field is small enough to be negligible. The processor calculates the vector from these values and then presents the data as standard NMEA sentences.

Optical wind speed detection

From the manufacturers manual :
The anemometer part of the instrument contains a disc which has been made reflective on one half and not reflective on the other half of its face.
An infra-red LED illuminates the disc and a phototransistor detects the reflection.
By timing the changes in reflection due to the rotation of the disc the microprocessor calculates the windspeed.

So - just a magnet, a fluxgate, a LED and a phototransistor.
That means, no mechanical parts that could wear out  - which promises a long lifetime.

Display and SeaTalk conversion

Due to it's NMEA port, this device fit's perfectly to our new SeaTalk Nmea Bridge.
It can be used as wind data display and also it can be used to do all the necessary setup and configuration.
The bridge will also produce true wind heading and true wind speed from the raw wind data combined with boat speed.


Dimensions in mm

Here are some "unboxing" pictures.

Settings I had to adjust

I found the device comes with some default settings that don't work for me.
It depends on the environment where the device is used - but I had to change some settings.

Update rate
The device send's wind direction and speed every 90 mS.
This is just way too fast for a normal wind instrument. I puts quite a bit of unnecessary load to the NMEA bus.
So I set it to an update rate of 0.8 second. ( $PATC,IIMWV,TXP,800 )

The device comes with the temperature sentence switched off.
Of course I would like to use the temperature feature - so I switched it on. ( $PATC,IIMWV,CFG,01 )

So here is an example for what is sent after the settings have been made.


Questions - just send me a mail

Project Files
20130801_182112.jpg151843 Bytes
20130801_182157.jpg95012 Bytes
20130801_182253.jpg93165 Bytes ---
a5012_1.jpg4409 Bytes
a5012_2.jpg49445 Bytes ---

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Boat electronics  -  Yachtelektronik

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Re: Wind speed & direction sensor with NMEA port A5012 (Punkte: 1)
von FWallenwein (FWallenwein@gadgetpool.de) auf Montag, 05.August. @ 12:58:41 CEST
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Re: Wind speed & direction sensor with NMEA port A5012 (Punkte: 1)
von GreenWaveSurfer auf Freitag, 15.Juli. @ 17:51:40 CEST
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