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 How to submit a project or an article

About gadgetPool
Thank you for submitting a project or an article here at gadgetPool.

Please use this function, to publish your project or to write an article that is realted to a gadget project here on gadgetPool or to gadget projects on other websites.

Please use our Forum for discussions, requests or ideas for new gadgets.

This article to shows you the functions and features of this system.

Start a new project / a new article

On top of this webpage you can find the button "Submit your Project".
Pressing this button will bring you to the project / article editor.

Article header

The first step is to fill in the article header data.

(I'll add an english image soon :-) )

  • Fill in the Title of your project / article
  • Select a the topic group that fit's best to your article. If your project / article does not fit to any of the given topics, please send a mail to the admin. We will gladly add new topics if you need one.
  • Select a catrgory. Are you writing an article, or will it be a full project. Additional files can only be attached to projects.
  • Select the language of your article. If you select "All", your project / article will be displayed no matter what language the user has selected. If you select "English", your article will only be visible to users that have selected english language.

Text editor

The next step, is to fill im your Story Text
The text editor offers a lot text formation functions. Most of them are obvious. ( Bold, Underlined etc. ) It also allows you to upload pictures and position uploaded pictures in your text.
The icon brings you to the picture upload and picture selection function.

Upload and insert pictures

The pictures can either be on another server in the internet, or you can upload your picutures to this server.

Linking picutres from another internet server

In the icon area of the editor you can find the function "insert/edit image"

(again - English pictures will come soon )

Enter the üicture URL in the first line.
You can also give a picture description and a picture title - if you like.
The display size of the picture can be adjusted in the fileds "Size x px"

Press "Insert" and the picture appears in the editor.

Upload pictures from your computer

In the icon area of the editor you can find "iBrowser"
( To be able to use the iBrowser, you need to have javascript enabled on your computer. )

iBrowser starts with a new window.

Press "Insert" and the following window appears.

( yes - I know, i have to get english pictures :-) )

  1. Click on the Icon "Upload new picture"
  2. Find the picture on you computer
  3. Click on the green arrow "Upload"
  4. Click "Insert". The picture appears in the editor

Publish project / article

On the bottom of the page you'll find a button "Preview"
With the "preview" function you can see your article as will appear when your article is published.

When your article is ready press "Ok". Your article will be forwarded to the system admin for approval.
Unfortunately we have to have this "approval" step.
I guess you know why - spammers, sex pages, drugs and all that crap !!
Sorry about that, but that's the only way to at least try to keep the system clean.

... to be continued

Project Files

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